Program Features 

Webelos Weekend - Program Information

There are seven stations at the camp that will help your Webelos transition into an older Scout. Each station is designed to help your Webelos become a Scout by working with others, as well as developing their own skill and knowledge within those areas. Although, we enjoy having the parents help and participate, we encourage you to let your son work at his own pace and develop by himself along with his peers. We encourage growth and understanding at Webelos Weekend.

Activity Stations include the following:

FIRST AID: First Aid will be taught in the Dale O Johnson education center in classrooms 2 and 3. The event deals with minor injuries and other problems that Scouts may deal with. All of the first aid that is taught is also part of rank advancement for the Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class ranks. At least one of the two medics at camp will oversee instruction taught at this event.

COMPASS: Compass will meet at the compass course on the Parade Field near the flagpole. The course is made up of 5 markers the Webelos must locate. This is one of the events that will not be moved in the event of rain. The Webelos will be able to compete on a large compass course.

CAMPING GEAR: In the Camping Gear event, Webelos will learn how to use different kinds of tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags. How to use gear for outings, both the short and long. Camping Gear will be between the Dale O Johnson Center and the cabins.

SHARP OBJECTS: This event is taught in the Woodcraft area. Sharp Objects teaches the basic principals of knives, axes and saws. Techniques, safety and sharpening will be discussed and demonstrated. The three rules of this area are: Safety, Safety, and Safety!

KNOTS: The Knot area introduces the Webelos to many of the knots used in Scouting while teaching those needed for joining (square knot) and lashings (clove and timber hitches). Some of these knots are required for rank advancement in the Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class ranks. To make this area more fun, the instructors teach the knots and then play a fun game. Knots are taught in the small building behind the Nature building.

LASHINGS: Lashings are taught in the Nature Lodge near the Scoutcraft area. At Lashings, the Webelos actually build, or expand, on a Scouting project (the project is the choice of the instructor) that could actually be used in Scouting. The Webelos are taught the three basic lashings that are needed for rank advancement.

FIRE BUILDING: Fire Building is taught at the Scoutcraft area. At fire building, the Webelos learn how to build fires of different types and will be instructed about fire safety. They will also be taught the different ways to cook over a fire and stove.

MERIT BADGE MIDWAY: After the skills training sessions and before the the start of the camp wide games, several of the adult leaders will talk about their favorite merit badges. This gives the youth a chance to learn about some of the other fun opportunities that await them in Scouts BSA!