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About Webelos Weekend

Webelos Weekend was started over 25 years ago, by Scoutmaster Jim Overton. This rich tradition of introducing Cub Scouts to the world of older youth Scouting has been carried on every year since, by a youth Director, and an adult Director. This leadership changes every year, to provide leadership opportunities to our older Scouts.

Only 2% of every youth who joins Scouting will attain the rank of Eagle. That may be a statistic you’ve heard, however it bears repeating. Scouting loses the majority of its members at the transition from Cub Scouts to Scouts BSA. The problem here tends to be a large amount of insecurity, on the side of the adults as well as the scouts.

Scouts BSA requires a much larger amount of independence from parents than Cub Scouting. A Den is normally comprised of... Read More

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